What are the oldest journals in the field of Educational Technology?

I asked this question to a few of my peers, and none had a good answer, so I spent some time investigating the issue online. This may not seem like an important issue, but we now have well over 100 journals related to our field, so the question of age and quality comes to mind. My research has concluded that the following journals are the oldest in our field that are still in circulation today:

  • Educational Technology
  • Educational Technology Research and Development
  • TechTrends
  • Educational Media International
  • Journal of Research on Technology in Education
  • British Journal of Educational Technology

However, this was based solely on Internet research and may not be accurate. According my research, all of these journals were started at or before 1970 and are still in circulation today. Please note that some of these journals were previously published under different names, but still use the same volume numbers.