University of South Florida

Below is a list of course prefix and titles for courses that I have taught at the University of South Florida. You can click on each individual course title to review the course description. If you would like to review the syllabus for this course, please feel free to contact me.

EME 7458: Research in Distance Learning

This is a survey course examining the field of distance learning. This is not a production course. Although you will leave with enough knowledge to begin designing a Distance Learning course, the nature of a survey course is for you to get the big picture of Distance Learning in many different environments and using many different media or combination of media. With this said, you will produce products in this class that will help to assess your understanding of the field of Distance Learning. These will usually be in the form of written work, but may also include things such as presentations and actual distance course elements.

EME 6936: Geographic Information Systems for Education

Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software to create, manipulate and interpret layers of interactive maps and databases. Students collect and modify geographical materials from the internet, satellite and aerial imagery, and field data. They design and test scientific inquiry-driven educational modules and/or visualizations for research and analysis on global and local geography, for use in economics, earth science, politics and civic action, history and sociology, global studies, and environmental.

EME 6930: Visual Basic as a Research Tool

Visual BASIC as a Research Tool is an introduction to problem-solving and programming with an object-using, event-driven, GUI-oriented, high-level language within the field of education. Course content is developed in the context of its application to instruction and to the collection and manipulation of educational data.

CGS 6210: Microcomputer Hardware Systems for Education

The purpose of this course is to develop individuals who have an understanding of microcomputer hardware that allows them to teach about hardware concepts as well as make decisions concerning its purchase, repair, and appropriate use.