Florida State College at Jacksonville

Below is a list of course prefix and titles for courses that I have taught at Florida State College at Jacksonville. You can click on each individual course title to review the course description. If you would like to review the syllabus for this course, please feel free to contact me.

COP 2837: Introduction to Visual Basic .NET Programming

A beginning course in the Microsoft.NET environment. Students will learn to use Visual Basic.NET programming language, including hands‐on exercises for graphical user interface components, menus, loops, selection structures, arrays and file input and output. Students will also be exposed to the basics of object‐oriented programming.

COP 2344: Introduction to UNIX Using Linux

This course introduces the fundamentals of the UNIX/Linux operating systems to the PC user. Covered in the course are the basics of UNIX system concepts, UNIX commands, UNIX shell programming, UNIX database management, UNIX text editing, UNIX architecture, and UNIX administration. The software used for instruction is the Linux operating system installed on workstation PCs.

CGS 1060: Introductory Computer Concepts

This course, intended for individuals with no previous computing experience, includes the history of computers, a survey of how computers are used today, the basic components of computers and computer terminology and laboratory experiences using application software. A study of information systems and computer careers completes the course. Additional lab time may be required in order to complete application assignments.