Instructional Resources

Distance Education Theory and Practice
This resource was developed in my Advanced Instructional Design course in the Fall of 2016. This resource explains contemporary distance education research and practice by providing a rich definition, history, and lens to examine the field. This ebook includes interactive quizzes, discussion questions, individual assignment activities, and chapter summaries.

ADDIE Explained
This resource was developed in my Advanced Instructional Design course in the Fall of 2014. This resource explains contemporary instructional design following the ADDIE model: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. This ebook includes interactive quizzes, discussion questions, individual assignment activities, chapter summaries, and a group project component.

Informing Faculty: Case Submission Process
This resource was developed in Teaching with Technology to aid potential authors in the submission process to Informing Faculty: An International Journal of Higher Education Discussion Cases. It was developed using Camtasia, an awesome development tool for creating desktop recordings and more. This resource was developed in the spring of 2006 using Camtasia.

Structured Programming Flow Charts Tutorial
This tutorial is intended to teach the basics of structured flowcharting by teaching the various symbols and their applications. This resource is developed as a self-paced print-tutorial. This resource was developed in the summer of 2005.

Writing Performance Objectives and Instructional Design
When I was applying for jobs in the spring of 2008, one of the institutions, which will remain nameless, requested that I develop and instructional resource on writing performance objectives and their relationship with the instructional design process. I did not have much time to devote to this resource, so I implemented in a day or so. Regardless, it might be helpful, so decided to post it here. This resource was developed using standard web technology and Camtasia.

PHP for the Novice Programmer
This online book was developed to serve as an instructional resource for students in my Introduction to the Internet course that I taught for the University of North Florida and to serve the aspiring Information Technology (IT) student as a resource to learn about and how to use PHP. It includes interactive programming examples. I developed this resource in the fall of 2005 using PHP, MySQL, CSS, and JavaScript.

Autocorrelation in Testing Randomness
This is a project I did in my Discrete Modeling and Simulation course when I was an undergraduate student. There is a Java applet available that will use a technique known as autocorrelation to detect whether a sequence of numbers is truly random. I developed this resource in the spring of 2002.

Future of Educational Technology: Integration, Interaction and Imagination
This resource was developed for a panel discussion that I was invited to participate on by the Center for Instruction and Research Technology at UNF. The purpose of the panel was to discuss the future of educational technology. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the event because I was interviewing at the time. Therefore, I created this presentation in my absence so that I could ‘virtually’ participate. This resource was developed in the spring of 2008 using Camtasia.

Data Modeling Tutorial
This is a tutorial that provides an overview of the various data models used in our history to store, index, and retrieve data in a way that is efficient and effective. I developed this resource in my Hyperscripting course as a final project. It includes a number of instructional activities and animations to facilitate the learning process. I used Authorware and Flash to develop this resource, thus it requires the Shockwave plug-in. It was created in the spring of 2006.

Animated Graphics (GIF) for Instruction
These animated graphics are not instructional in nature. However, they do illustrate the simple technology: Animated Gifs. The technology can be used to illustrate processes, complex ideas, or just create random cartoons like the one’s that I have here. These were developed as part of my multimedia course in the fall of 2005 using PaintShop Pro.

Online Computer Programming Instruction
Teaching computer programming classes face-to-face is difficult. Teaching computer programming online requires mastery of instructional practices and technology. I developed this short online resource in my interactive media class as a resource for those teaching computer programming courses online. This was developed in the fall of 2006 using standard web technologies, including HTML/XHTML and CSS and includes some Camtasia examples.

Social Foundations in Education and Technology
As part of my doctoral experience, I was able to take an independent study with Dr Sherman Dorn. He is an amazing professor that was able to put together the most interesting readings related to the social underpinnings of education and technology. As part of the course, I developed a website to reflect on my readings. I believe this resource will be helpful for anyone that would also like to examine these ideas. This was developed using standard web technology and was created in the fall of 2006.

Design Patterns Resources
This resource was developed for students enrolled in COP 3540: Data Structures in Object-Oriented Programming. The resource was made available to students to supplement class lectures. This resource was also aligned with the purpose of my undergraduate honors thesis: integrating design patterns into information systems curriculum without major curriculum modification. We were able to meaningfully and seamlessly integrate ten different design patterns into this course.