Pictorial Feedback Article Published

Ritzhaupt, A. D. & Kealy W. A. (2015). On the utility of pictorial feedback in computer-based learning environments. Computers in Human Behavior, 48, 525-534.

Abstract: Extensive research has added to what is known about the nature of feedback and how to best incorporate it into instruction. Yet, many questions related to learner feedback remain unanswered. One problem of practical importance is the utility of incorporating semantically related pictures into the feedback. Decades of research on feedback have largely focused on the use of verbal feedback in written instruction. This research included two experiments. The first experiment (n = 63) addressed the incorporation of pictorial feedback into instruction; the second experiment (n = 69) extended this study through the use of a more ecologically valid intervention. Results suggest that the use of pictures in feedback did not influence learning any more than text-only treatments. A discussion and recommendations for future research are provided.