Pair-Programming Article Published

Umapathy, K., & Ritzhaupt, A. D. (2017). A Meta-Analysis of Pair-Programming in Computer Programming Courses: Implications for Educational Practice. ACM Transactions on Computing Education, 17(4), 16:1-16:13.

Abstract: Several experiments on the effects of pair programming versus solo programming in the context of education have been reported in the research literature. We present a meta-analysis of these studies that accounted for 18 manuscripts with 28 independent effect sizes in the domains of programming assignments, exams, passing rates, and affective measures. In total, our sample accounts for N = 3,308 students either using pair programming as a treatment variable or using traditional solo programming in the context of a computing course. Our findings suggest positive results in favor of pair programming in three of four domains with exception to affective measures. We provide a comprehensive review of our results and discuss our findings.