Dr. Harold Dean Drummond

Dr. Harold Dean Drummond received his Bachelor’s (1937) and Master’s of Arts (1940) degrees from Colorado State College Education. In 1948, he earned a Doctor of Education from Stanford University, California. Dr. Drummond was Professor Emeritus of Elementary Education at the University of New Mexico.

His major publications include:

  • Promising Practices in Elementary Schools (1951)
  • Educational Leadership and the Elementary School Principal (1956)
  • Our World Today series of geography books.

Harold Drummond was primarily a practitioner in education. He never sought another role. He has never been confused about his professional identity. Simply, his entire career in education was enmeshed in the practical and in attempts to improve his own practice and the general practice of education. His explicit position was that of children’s schooling, their lives, and their engagement with other people and with content should be enhanced.”