As a faculty member at a flagship, public research university, I am proud to be able to serve on doctoral committees for our students in the Educational Technology program, and students outside of our academic program. I have served on several doctoral committees to date, ranging from educational technology to computer science to educational leadership to higher education administration. All of the committees I serve on generally have a flair for educational technology or utilize a research method with which I am familiar.

As a mentor, it is my responsibility to guide students through the scholarly process from taking the right courses in their academic program to ensure you have the right knowledge and skills for the job market, to working on research projects while you are a doctoral student to prepare you for a life of scholarship, to assisting you with the right readings for your qualifying exams, to helping shape your dissertation with constructive criticism and feedback, and to assist you in identifying a placement that is appropriate for you upon graduation from our academic program. I typically suggest that all of my Ph.D. students select a minor in Research and Evaluation Methodology to prepare for independent scholarship.