I am available for professional consultations to K-12 schools and school districts, institutions of higher education, private business, government entities, and non-profit associations. I have worked with a wide variety of organizations in the past based on my expertise in development, instructional design, research design, evaluation and data analysis, and providing custom workshops on a wide variety of topics.

As an overall strategy, I try to ensure that your needs are met by conducting a preliminary needs assessment, analyzing the context, and carefully listening to your goals and objectives for an initiative. We co-develop a blueprint for a solution that is customized to meet your goals and objectives. I have worked with formal software-development models (e.g., RUP, Waterfall), project development methodologies (e.g., Scrum, PMBOK), and instructional design models (e.g., ADDIE).

My approach to addressing your problem is not attached to a single approach or development methodology. Rather, I utilize ideas from all domains to create a responsive, agile, incremental, and iterative approach to problem-solving.

In the past, I have designed and developed custom software solutions using web-based development tools (e.g., PHP, MySQL) and systems (e.g., WordPress, Moodle). I have worked on rolling-out these innovations with my clients to ensure successful integration. I have also designed a wide variety of e-learning solutions using Learning Management Systems (e.g., Canvas, Blackboard), video-based instruction (e.g. YouTube), and authoring environments (e.g., Captivate, Camtasia).

I also have expertise in research design, evaluation, and data analysis. In terms of research design, I can assist with quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method research design aligned with your research goals and objectives. I can assist with sampling strategies, instrumentation, and interventions. For projects that have a different purpose, I can assist with an overall evaluation strategy utilizing both formative or summative evaluation techniques. Finally, I have expertise in many different statistical analysis techniques, ranging from exploratory factor analysis, regression analysis, meta-analysis, and more.