Bachelor in Ed Tech Article

Ritzhaupt, A. D. & Kang, Y. (2015).  Are we ready for bachelor’s degrees in educational technology?: Perceptions from the field and a proposal. Educational Technology, 55(3), 14 – 22.

Abstract: Some in the field of educational technology have called for offering bachelor’s degrees. Unfortunately, the literature base only provides guidance on designing, developing, and delivering master and doctoral degree programs. This paper, in distinction, focuses on the design of a bachelor’s degree program by focusing on the perceptions of professionals in relation to offering a bachelor’s degree, the desired pre-requisites, and the appropriate name for such a degree program. After reviewing these data, a proposal for a bachelor’s degree is made, including the course architecture and descriptions of the related courses. The current bachelor’s degree program proposal is still under consideration at the home institution of the authors. Our hopes in sharing this proposal is to start a dialog in our community about offering such a degree program on a larger scale.